1st Astro-COLIBRI Multi-Messenger Astrophysics Workshop


Multi-Messenger alert pipeline

Real-time multi-messenger Astrophysics

The key objective of this workshop is to develop and disseminate a research agenda on interconnecting software tools in real-time multi-messenger astronomy. This international conference provides a forum for leading scientists and young researchers to foster communication within the community between developers and users with a range of expertise in the production and use of software tools that facilitates life in rapidly evolving real-time multi-messenger astronomy.


Astro-COLIBRI allows professional and amateur astronomers keeping track of the latest transient astrophysical events. The most violent explosions in the universe are detected by a global network of observatories. They observe supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, flares of extragalactic objects and many more. Astro-COLIBRI alerts you in real-time about these events.


  • September 26th-30th 2022


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