RAPP-talk: "Modeling Accretion and Ejection Phenomena in Astrophysics"



Only recently I was appointed as a professor for theoretical physics at the neighboring University of Duisburg-Essen. The aim of my rather informal talk is to present the topics and methods of my research group in order to check for potential points of connection to the research topics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB).

My Team and I are developing novel numerical algorithms for hydrodynamics simulations in the framework of high-performance computing. Besides fluid motion, simulations include gravity, magnetic fields, continuum radiation transport, photoionization, phase transitions, chemical evolution, stellar evolution, and dust evolution. We apply these tools to model specific astrophysical processes, focussing on accretion and ejection phenomena, and addressing open research questions within a broad spectrum of topics. Our research interests range from planet and star formation, to accretion disks, to stellar physics and stellar feedback, to planetary atmospheres and exoplanets, to the turbulent interstellar medium, and in collaboration projects also to black hole formation, active galactic nuclei, gamma-ray bursts, and to the physics of the early Universe. 

Based on your interest, I can present our results ...

  • On the formation of first and second hydrostatic Larson cores (Bhandare et al. 2018, 2020),
  • On high-mass stellar feedback (Kuiper & Hosokawa 2018 and references therein; Kee & Kuiper 2019),
  • On the physics and numerics of high-mass circumstellar disk fragmentation (Kuiper et al. 2011; Meyer et al. 2017, 2018; Oliva & Kuiper 2020),
  • On the magneto-hydrodynamics of jet launching and acceleration from high-mass proto-stars (Kölligan & Kuiper 2018; Oliva & Kuiper 2022; Moscadelli et al. 2022), and/or
  • On the recycling hypothesis in the formation of proto-planet's first atmospheres (Ormel et al. 2015 a,b; Cimerman et al. 2017; Moldenhauer et al. 2021, 2022).


Speaker: Prof. Rolf Kuiper



  • November 29th 2022 - 11:00


  • Ruhr-University Bochum, GAFO 03/901
  • Zoom

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