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Gleason, D.F. and D.K. Hofmann (2011)
Coral larvae: From gametes to recruits.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 408, 42–57 (2011)



Hofmann, D.K. (2010)
Developmental Biology of Ascidians.
In: Fischer, A. (ed.) et al: Reproduction and development of marine invertebrates in the laboratary - The Helgoland manual of developmental studies at NW European marine stations. (2010, accepted)



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Proc. 5th Int. Con. Biol. Sci. (Zool) 5: 330-347 (2008)

Hofmann, D.K., Michael, M.I., Khalil, S.H., El-Bawab, F.M. and G.A. Saad (2008)
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Proc. 5th Int. Con. Biol. Sci. (Zool) 5: 235-248 (2008)


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The Sepia egg: A showcase of cephalopod embryology.
Vie et Milieu 56 (2): 191-201 (2006)


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Global phylogeography of Cassiopea (Scyphozoa; Rhizostomeae): molecular evidence for cryptic species and multiple invasions of the Hawaiian Islands.
Mar. Biol. 145, 1119-1128 (2004)

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Budding, bud morphogenesis, and regeneration in Carybdea marsupialis (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa)
Hydrobiologia 530/531:331-337 (2004)


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Control of head morphogenesis in an invertebrate's asexually produced larva-like bud (Cassiopea andromeda; Cnidaria: Scyphozoa).
Dev. Genes Evol. 213, 127-133 (2003)

Thieme, C. and D.K. Hofmann (2003)
An endogenous peptide is involved in internal control of meta-morphosis in the marine invertebrate Cassiopea xamachana (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa).
Dev. Genes Evol. 213, 97-101 (2003)


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Induction of larval metamorphosis in the tropical scyphozoan Mastigias papua: striking similarity with upside down-jellyfish Cassiopea spp. (with notes on related species).
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Hermaphroditism, gonochorism, and asexual reproduction in Cassiopea sp.: an immigrant in the Islands of Hawai'i.
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Metamorphosis of Heteroxenia fuscescens planulae (Cnidaria:Octocorallia) is inhibited by crude oil: a novel short term toxicity bioassay.
Marine Environmental Research 43, 295-302 (1997)

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The cnidomes of Cassiopea andromeda Forskal,1775, and Cassiopea xamachana Bigelow,1882 (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa)
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Coelenterate Biology 1995 (J.C. den Hartog, ed.) 279-285, Nationaal Naturhistorisch Museum, Leiden, (published 1997)


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Checkpoints in the lifecycle on Cassiopea spp.: control of metagenesis and metamorphosis in a tropical jellyfish.
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Experientia 52, 744-749 (1996)


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Studies in the reef-dwelling cnidarian Cassiopea spp.: RF-amide positive elements of the nervous system at different stages of development.
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In vivo binding of a biologically active peptide in vegetative buds of the scyphozoan Cassiopea andromeda: demonstration of receptor-mediated induction of metamorphosis.
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Do test cells secrete a hatching enzyme in Ascidiella aspersa (Tunicata, Ascidiacea)?
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Feed-back regulation in Platynereis dumerilii AUDOUIN & MILNE-EDWARDS 1833- A status review.
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Proc. 7th Int. Coral Reef Symp. 463-470 (1992)


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Natural substrates, marine bacteria and a phorbol ester induce metamorphosis in the soft coral Heteroxenia fuscescens (Anthozoa:Octocorallia)
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Phorbol esters induce metamorphosis in Cassiopea andromeda and Cassiopea xamachana
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Effects of axenic culture on asexual reproduction and metamorphosis in the symbiotic scyphozoan Cassiopea andromeda.
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Bud formation in Cassiopea andromeda: Epithelial dynamics and fate map.
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The efficiency of metamorphosis inducing oligopeptides in Cassiopea species (Cnidaria:Scyphozoa) depends on both primary structure and amino- and carboxiterminal substituents.
Proceedings German Zoological Society 83, 452-453 (1990)

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Fertilization and normal development in Ascidiella aspersa (Tunicata) studied with Nomarski-optics.
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On the origin of skeletal limb muscle in Xenopus laevis.
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