We offer several places for B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses every semester. PhD positions are regularly available through externally funded projects. With your own doctoral scholarship, you can also do your doctorate with us without vacancies. Through our strong (inter-) national network, our students learn specialized methods. As part of many projects, they are given the opportunity to spend time abroad. Our team is very international, so that meetings and discussions take place mainly in English. Thus, we also offer international young scientists an optimal working environment. We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications for S-module positions, theses, or doctoral positions. Please send an e-mail to Prof. Dr. Thomas Happe or PD Dr. Anja Hemschemeier.


  • Focus on algal biotechnology (190265-67 or 190416-18):

          Biological hydrogen production of photosynthetic microorganisms

  • Focus Enzyme Technology (190268-70 resp.190413-15):

          Molecular basis and biotechnological aspects of the metabolism of photosynthetic microorganisms.

  • Focus on Biohydrogen Production (190480-82 or 190457-59):

          Design of photobiological electron transport for future H2 production.

  • Faculty-led exchange program - LabExchange with Osaka University (Japan), Protein Biochemistry and Structural Biology Division (190469).


  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Microorganisms (190026-28)
  • Modular Advanced Practical in the Focal Point Program "Molecular biology and biotechnology of plants and microorganisms" (185770)

Lectures and practical courses

  • Lecture Series Biotechnology (190522)
  • Biology for Biochemists II (190903)
  • Literature club & colloquium on research in photobiotechnology (190667)

Exercises and practical courses

  • Exercises in Biochemistry and Biophysics (190007)
  • Exercises in Biochemistry for M.Ed. (190008)
  • Practical course in biology for biochemists (190904)

Note: VZ-No. of the respective course are bracketed in each case. The Corona pandemic affects the current curriculum. Please check the homepage of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology. There you will also find the current course catalog and current adjustments to the study and examination procedures.